I'm Still Here

[2007, Hi Power Entertainment]

Lil Menace - I'm Still Here Chicano Rap

Lil Menace - I'm Still Here Chicano Rap

01. I Don't Need An Intro
02. The Wickwed West
03. Who Wanna Ride (feat. Mr. Capone-E)
04. So Beautiful (feat. Rocky Padilla)
05. My Town
06. Rum & Cris (feat. Stalker)
07. The King Of The Streets (feat. Mr. Shadow)
08. Back Down
09. Luv Them Girls (feat. Fingazz)
10. Conceited
11. Waitn N' Listen (feat. Ese Deli)
12. We Came To Party (feat. Rocky Padilla)
13. M.E.N.A.C.E
14. Damn Girl
15. I'm Done [MEGA MIXX OUTRO]

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