One In The Chamber

[2014, Street Hustle Records]

Lil Vandal - One In The Chamber Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. On The Blvd
03. My Life
04. One In The Chamber
05. Skate Thru The City (feat. Beebz)
06. I Do My Own Thang
07. Living In the West
08. Like Us (feat. J.Locc)
09. Ventura County (feat. Lil Panch)
10. Bring You The Funk
11. Miss You
12. Kush blown
13. 38 Special
14. Killa Cali
15. Shake Frames (feat. Beebz)
16. We Stay Money Making
17. Midnight Pimpin' (feat. Lil Chino)
18. The Letter

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Tags: Street Hustle Records, Lil Vandal

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