Enter At Your Own Risk

[2016, No Way Out Inc]

Lil Wicked - Enter At Your Own Risk Chicano Rap

01. Get Ready For The Summertime (feat. Siccmade, Crazy Boy)
02. How We Do It (feat. Wicked Willie, O.G Triggs, Gee Moe, Doggmaster)
03. Get Low (feat. Lil Menace, Lil Weapon)
04. Interlude 1 (feat. Mr. Capone-E)
05. Put Me To The Test (feat. Daze, Poison The Don, Sinek)
06. I'm A Rider (feat. Robbs The One, Crazy Boy, Casual)
07. I Am Who I Am (feat. SSOL)
08. Interlude 2 (feat. Young Quicks)
09. Blown Of The Chronic (feat. Derty B, Crazy Boy, Hollywood)
10. I Want You Girl (feat. Daze)
11. OC 2 SD  (feat. Siccmade)
12. This Is For My G'z & Riders (feat. JBlack, Capnine, Grimm)
13. Interlude 3 (feat. Miss Lady Pinks)
14. You & I (feat. Enstictz, Crazy Boy)
15. M.O.H (feat. Sinek, Crazy Boy, Daze)

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