The Greatest Hits

[2007, Swat Records]

Mr. Chino - The Greatest Hits Chicano Rap

01. Down 4 The Hood (feat. Mr. Youngster)
02. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down (feat. Mr. Youngster)
03. I'm On The Outside Looking In (feat. Mr. Youngster, Stroler)
04. I'm So Proud (feat. Chyna Doll)
05. Life Through Me Eyes
06. Gangster Gangster Part 2
07. LA County Surenos (feat. Youngster)
08. Hey Lady
09. Back 2 The Barrio (feat. Youngster)
10. Suavecito
11. Darling Baby (feat. Mr. Youngster, Chyna Doll)
12. I Want Love (feat. Mr. Youngster, Chyna Doll)
13. Your Soul Is Mine (feat. Chyna Doll)
14. Bouncing (feat. Youngster)
15. Surenos Bang (feat. Youngster)
16. Promo
17. Snippets

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