Ready For The Game

[2004, G Related Records]

Original 213's - Ready For The Game Chicano Rap

Original 213's - Ready For The Game Chicano Rap

01. Intro (Production: Mr. Sicks)
02. Let The Games Begin (feat. Mellow Mac Ace)
03. Sick Side Mentallity (feat. Mr. Sickz) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
04. On The Smash (feat. Buckshot) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
05. Cups Up (feat. Mellow Man Ace) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
06. 213'z (Production: Mr. Sicks)
07. The Struggle (Production: Mr. Sicks) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
08. Get A Clue (feat. Philly, Lil C)
09. Are You Prepaired (Production: Mr. Sicks)
10. Why You Wnna (feat. Joe-E) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
11. Backyard Bolo (feat. Joe-E) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
12. Do The Dawm Thing (feat. Lil C, Joe-E) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
13. L.A City Criminals (feat. Lost Soul Tribe)
14. Step Up (Production: Mr. Sicks) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
15. Dipping Down These Streets (feat. Nena) (Production: Mr. Sicks)
16. Califas [HIDDEN TRACK] (Production: Mr. Sicks)

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