Ready For The Game

[2004, G Related Records]

Original 213's - Ready For The Game Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Let The Games Begin (feat. Mellow Mac Ace)
03. Sick Side Mentallity (feat. Mr. Sickz)
04. On The Smash (feat. Buckshot)
05. Cups Up (feat. Mellow Man Ace)
06. 213'z
07. The Struggle
08. Get A Clue (feat. Philly, Lil C)
09. Are You Prepaired
10. Why You Wnna (feat. Joe-E)
11. Backyard Bolo (feat. Joe-E)
12. Do The Dawm Thing (feat. Lil C, Joe-E)
13. L.A City Criminals (feat. Lost Soul Tribe)
14. Step Up
15. Dipping Down These Streets (feat. Nena)

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Tags: Original 213's

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