Represent The Brown

[2004, Hi Power Entertainment]

Brown Boy - Represent The Brown Chicano Rap

Brown Boy - Represent The Brown Chicano Rap

01. Ride (feat. DTTX, SUS) (Production: RL Music, Bobby King))
02. I Know U Know (feat. Scrappy Loco, Lil Blacky) (Production: Brown Bizzo, Bobby King)
03. I Wanna Get High Pt. 1 (feat. Mr. Shadow) (Production: Kevin Johnson, Bobby King)
04. You & Me (Production: Joe Alfaro)
05. I'm Not A Gangster (Production: RL Music)
06. Get It Crackin (feat. Lil Sicko, Fern) (Production: Brown Bizzo, Bobby King)
07. Love U More (Production: Joe Alfaro)
08. You Know (feat. DTTX) (Production: DJ Fabe)
09. I Wanna Get High Pt. 2 (feat. Mr. Criminal) (Production: Brown Bizzo)
10. My Life (Production: DJ Fabe, Brown Bizzo)
11. Next 2 U (Production: RL Music, Bobby King)
12. Put In Work (feat. Mr. Shadow, Seldom Seen) (Production: Brown Bizzo, Joe Alfaro)
13. Wherez My Riderz At? (Production: RL Music, Joe Alfaro)
14. Taking It Back (feat. ODM) (Production: Joe Alfaro)
15. Oh My God (feat. Bad Boy, Seldom Seen) (Production: Brown Bizzo)

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