Cruising Oldies Volume 1 [2ND VERSION]

[???, Teen Angels Records]

Payaso - Cruising Oldies Volume 1 Chicano Rap

Payaso - Cruising Oldies Volume 1 Chicano Rap

01. So Tired Of Being Alone
02. Tonight Is The Night (feat. Travieso, Lil Trouble, Merro)
03. Boo Hoo Hoo
04. Something I Want To Tell You (feat. Travieso)
05. I Want You Round
06. Im So Proud
07. Pullen Strings [REMIX]
08. Faithful [REMIX] (feat. Travieso)
09. Sitten In The Park (feat. Lil Wisper)
10. On The Blvd (feat. K-Smooth)
11. How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad? (feat. Monster)
12. Super Natural [REMIX]
13. The One Who's Hurting
14. You Cant Keep A Good Man Down [BONUS TRACK]
15. Outro W. Pt. 2 Snippets
16. Cruising Oldies Part 3 Sampler

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