That's Life Ese

[2004, High Rollers Entertainment]

Snoopy - That's Life Ese Chicano Rap

01. 8 + 0 + 5 = 13
02. Love Ya More (feat. Havic, Madogg, Villain)
03. Roll The Calle (feat. Ese Lil Joker)
04. Smooth Criminals (feat. Villain)
05. Freak (feat. Villain)
06. Tonight It's Going Down (feat. Sharky, Villain)
07. Solamente Muertos (feat. Garcia, Suspect)
08. Just Another Day (feat. C.G, L.G)
09. That's Life Ese (feat. Frank V)
10. Rollin Like A Gangsta (feat. Madogg, O.G Spanish Fly)
11. Somos Pero Finos (feat. Garcia Suspect)
12. Outro

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Tags: High Rollers Entertainment, Snoopy

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