Mr. Lil One - Wasted Days And Wasted Nig…

Throwbacks 24-05-2020 By 2xDope

Mr. Lil One - Wasted Days And Wasted Nights Chicano Rap

From the moment I started listening to music, a reoccurring thought I have always had is whether or not an artist likes every song they record for an album. As I grew older, I began to realize that my hunch wasn't that farfetched: Slash from Guns N' Roses wasn't fond of "Sweet Child Of Mine", Dr. Dre hated "Deep Cover"... Read more

VA - Brown & Proud Vol. 1

Throwbacks 23-05-2020 By 2xDope

VA - Brown & Proud Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

I want to start this off by saying "thank you" to Amazon for fucking up on my order. Thanks to their logistic error, I got the album for free. Now, long ago, in my quest for Chicano Rap, I randomly came across the Aztec Tribe. I remember I first I heard "Commin' In Stalkin'" from their 1996 album and the... Read more

Brownside - Payback

Throwbacks 26-10-2019 By 2xDope

Brownside - Payback Chicano Rap

In commemoration of Toker's passing, this nineth of October marks the first anniversary since he left this earth. He and the entire Brownside left their mark in the game, imprinting a legacy that will last forever. A group whose story is haunted with tragic deaths and unrealized potential, managed to accomplish plenty in a time when you had to stand... Read more

Old Town Gangsters - Old Town Gangsters …

Throwbacks 23-10-2019 By 2xDope

Old Town Gangsters - Old Town Gangsters 2... Hood Patrol Chicano Rap

Slow Pain's decades long prolific career has brought so many projects into fruition. Everything from solo to group albums, collaborations and compilations; you name it and Slow Pain has done it. Some 10 years ago, a random person sent me a question on YouTube. He asked if I could help him figure out a song playing in a video of... Read more

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