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Ever since I heard the song "Ponte Trucha" by the Malvados Click for the 1st time in the documentary "Welcome To The 619", which can be seen on YouTube by clicking here, it has been one of my all-time favorite Chicano Rap songs. A couple of weeks ago I was finally lucky to find the album the song is featured on over at eBay, after I had been looking for it for quite some time. Serio, Stilow Nasty and Cisco, the 3 San Diego based rappers that form the group, released the LP which is titled just like the group in 2010. Features include Necio, Lil Owl, Kozme, Knightmare, Knightowl, Eric, Snypes, Lil T and Baby Stocks. The production as well as the mixing and mastering was handeled by DJ Slim.

The first track I like to mention is called "My Lady" and features Knightowl as well as Knightmare, who was his protégé back then. The cut comes with a dope beat which brings you nothing but the true West Coast sound we all love so much. After the next song it's time for the album's stand out track "Ponte Trucha" which again features Knightowl. He's also the one starting the song with a dope verse in his typical Spanglish style and providing the chorus. The verses by the group members are in no way inferior to Knightowl's part. In my opinion the whole vibe of the track is simply dope. That is what Chicano Rap has to sound like more often. "To All My Ladies" samples Freestyle's "Don't Stop The Rock" and is a nice old school banger. The next song "I Know You Like It" is another song with the typical West Coast flavour, something which also applies to "Back In The Mic". The last track I like to mention is the oldie song "Para Ti", a song they also released a video for which can be seen by clicking on the link in the tracklist.

In my opinion "Malvados Click" is a good Chicano Rap album that features one of the best songs the genre has provided so far. That song alone is a reason to actually buy the LP. But we shouldn't do the mistake to limit the CD to 1 track only as it includes some other cuts that are worth listening to as well. Despite the good audio there are 2 bugs. The first one is the misspelling of the album/ group name on the cover where it's called "Malvados Clik". The 2nd one is the false tracklist on the back where track 16 is "Para Ti" instead of "V.I.P". Unfortunately there's no digital version of the album available. If you are interested in getting a copy you either need to have luck finding it at your record shop or over at eBay. At the moment it's still available from the seller I bought it, so if you are interested click here to buy it.

01. Intro
02. Gangsta For Life (feat. Necio, Lil Owl)
03. Make That Ass Clap (feat. Kozme)
04. My Lady (feat. Knightmare, Knightowl)
05. Keep It Jumping
06. Ponte Trucha (feat. Knightowl)
07. To All My Ladies
08. I Know You Like It (feat. Knightowl)
09. Dreaming
10. Down The Block
11. Summer Loving (feat. Necio)
12. Shatter Dreams (feat. Kozme)
13. West Coast Cali G's
14. Back In The Mic
15. Rolling
16. V.I.P
17. Para Ti (feat. Lil Owl, Eric, Snypes)
18. At It Again (feat. Lil Owl, Lil T, Baby Stocks)
19. We In The Club
20. Outro

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