Ruff Draft

[2009, Double M Music]

Kryptonite - Ruff Draft Chicano Rap

Kryptonite - Ruff Draft Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Ruff Draft
03. Take It How You Want
04. Gs Cars Bread (feat. David Ortiz)
05. Change My Ways (feat. G-1000)
06. You Dont Know Me (feat. Ne-Yo)
07. Cuidado
08. We Just (feat. Lost Cause, Cheeko)
09. Livin This Life
10. You (feat. L)
11. I Got Something On My Mind
12. Lil Tommy
13. If They Got Love
14. All Alone
15. Record Skips
16. Thats Whats F****d Up
17. Feelin It (feat. J.P Espejo)
18. I Was Wrong
19. Pushin (feat. Lil G)
20. I Want You To Be (feat. Snipes, Riot)
21. Just Wanted To Say
22. 1 More Thing
23. Outro

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