Blue Reign

[2004, High Rollers Entertainment]

Crazy Boy - Blue Reign Chicano Rap

Crazy Boy - Blue Reign Chicano Rap

01. Cali Got Play (feat. Cazual)
02. Every Day (feat. Cazual, Dominator)
03. Blue Reign (feat. C. Martinez, Dominator, T-Dre)
04. Let's Go (feat. Kim Kyser, Mackie Loc, Dominator)
05. Oh No (feat. Dominator)
06. How Can I (Lude) (feat. Nikki)
07. How Can I (feat. Nikki)
08. Fuck You (feat. Dominator)
09. G-Shit (feat. Triple-C)
10. Bring It On (feat. BabyGirl, Triple-C)
11. Southern Comfort (feat. Dominator)
12. Keep Rollin' (feat. Cazual)
13. Poppin' Collars (feat. Rebel, Young Creeps)
14. Same Game (feat. Triple-C, Cazual)
15. Souhtern Comfort 2 (feat. Billy-D, Cazual)
16. Summer Breeze (feat. Young Creeps, Boxx, Cazual)

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