2nd Time Round

[???, Round Towne Music]

Duce - 2nd Time Round Chicano Rap

Duce - 2nd Time Round Chicano Rap

01. I'm Back (Intro) (feat. Baby Wicked, Cuete)
02. 2nd Time Round (feat. Chino Grande, Becca)
03. California (feat. Becca, Cuete)
04. Hit And Run (feat. Cuete, Wreck)
05. I Dont Know Why (feat. Lil Bam-Bam, Cuete)
06. Im Trippin (feat. Cuete)
07. City Where Im From
08. Panties (Skit)
09. She Wants To Roll With Me (feat. Eriq, Cuete)
10. 2nd To None
11. When I Get High (feat. Cuete)
12. So Much Pain (feat. Cuete, Becca)
13. L.A To Japan (feat. Lil Bam-Bam, El Latino, Cuete, Les 1, Weeto, Ko-G, Slow Pain, AC The Promoter)
14. Cali Living
15. Enemies Creep Close [BONUS TRACK] (feat. AC The Promoter)

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