Straight Outta Southland

[2015, SL Entertainment]

Ese Saint - Straight Outta Southland Chicano Rap

01. Living Ruthless (feat. Big Hutch)
02. Think Twice (feat. Enemy, The K.A.S, Ese Bobby)
03. On The Run
04. We Rep The Southland (feat. The K.A.S, Mister D)
05. When You Do The Things You Do (feat. Malow Mac, Big Hutch)
06. Temptation
07. These Streets (feat. Krypto, Big Al)
08. Put Away A G (feat. The K.A.S, Big Lazie, Ese Bobby)
09. You're A G (feat. Hillside)
10. Southland Killers [REMIX] (feat. Conejo, Mister D)
11. I Love The Way You Walk (feat. Selo, Hillside)
12. All Night (feat. Mister D, The K.A.S)
13. It's Too Late
14. Oldie Tunes (feat. Hillside)
15. The Varrio (feat. Kid Frost, Hillside)

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