Dedicated To La Raza

[2004, Boulevard Records]

Lil Menace - Dedicated To La Raza Chicano Rap

01. Dedicated 2 La Raza (Intro)
02. I Get Even (feat. Doble, Ese Deli)
03. My Love Letter
04. Watch Your Back (feat. Doble)
05. Roll It Up Part 2 (feat. Ese Deli, Ese Eight, Diablo)
06. I Want You (feat. Alma, Ese Deli)
07. I Miss You (Dedicated 2 My Tio)
08. On My Streets (feat. Doble)
09. Shake That A$$ Mija
10. Just For A Lil' While
11. Why U Hating On Me
12. Life
13. It's Time 2 Go
14. I Get Even [CLEAN VERSION] (feat. Doble, Ese Deli)
15. Watch Your Back [CLEAN VERSION] (feat. Doble)

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Tags: Lil Menace, Boulevard Records

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