Down 2 Ride

[2006, PR Records]

Lil Menace - Down 2 Ride Chicano Rap

Lil Menace - Down 2 Ride Chicano Rap

01. Rockin' All Night (feat. Roger Troutman)
02. The Original
03. I Put It Down
04. My Angel (feat. Rocky Padilla)
05. Real Crime (feat. Mr. Shadow)
06. On My Streets (feat. Ese Doble)
07. Bring It Down Slow
08. Down 2 Ride (feat. Wicked)
09. Roll It Up (feat. Ese Deli, Ese Eight, Diablo)
10. Walk The Walk (feat. Ese Doble)
11. No More Games
12. Shake That A$$ Mija
13. Still Representing (feat. 
14. Straight Bangin' (feat. Mz. Felony)

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