California OG

[2016, Steel Banging Musick]

Midget Loco - California OG Chicano Rap

01. Get Click Clack (feat. G. Malone, Lyrik Cruz)
02. Block Boys
03. We Keep It Gangsta (feat. Stomper)
04. You Can't Stop Us (feat. Tripper Loco)
05. Wouldn't Be The West Without Eazy-E (feat. JVoclz)
06. We Riding Slow And Low (City Locs) (feat. Lady J)
07. Ain't Nothing You Can Do (feat. Madogg)
08. Old School Vato (feat. Blue Stomps)
09. It's A P Thang (feat. Sleepy Malo)
10. South Side Love (feat. Lady J)
11. On The West Coast (feat. Slip Capone, Lyrik Cruz)
12. We Mexicans With Attitude (feat. Lil Vee, Dee)
13. Baby Take Me Higher (feat. Lady J, Hennesy)
14. Dedicated Bars (feat. Juan Gambino, Romero, D-Eazy)
15. Where Do We Go (feat. Lady J)
16. You're My Everything (feat. Mariposa, Lady J)
17. Murda Murda (feat. Lil Man, D I)
18. My Destiny (feat. Lyirk Cruz)

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Tags: Steel Banging Musick, Midget Loco

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