Crowd Control

[2005, Next To Serve Music]

NTS - Crowd Control Chicano Rap

01. NTS Intro
02. Anything Goes
03. Doing Big Thangs (feat. K-Matic)
04. Now You Know (feat. Milian)
05. Let It Bounce
06. The Left Side (feat. Kaydo, Big Foot)
07. Hear You Scream (feat. Spanky El Malvado)
08. Eastside Summers (feat. Milian)
09. Gangsta Tales
10. Dippin (feat. Big Foot)
11. Step Homies
12. Whats The Basis
13. I Understand
14. Hard Times
15. Furlo (feat. Brown Shady)
16. Some One Who Cares

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