Cruising Oldies Part 3

[???, Teen Angels Records]

Payaso - Cruising Oldies Part 3 Chicano Rap

Payaso - Cruising Oldies Part 3 Chicano Rap

01. Cruising Intro
02. Its A Sureno Thing (La La Means I Love U)
03. No One Get You Down
04. I Needed You Most
05. Make It With You (feat. Travieso)
06. To Say I Love You
07. The One Who Knows (feat. Youngster)
08. Have U Seen Her
09. For My Neighborhood (Cruising Oldies 3)
10. Hijo De Mama
11. Bundle Of Luv (feat. Mister One, Shy Boy)
12. A Better Way (Do What Your Doin)
13. Look Over Your Shoulder
14. Im Not Your Puppet (feat. Mz. Lavish)
15. Cruising Outro

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