True Blue

[2004, Low Profile Records]

Payaso - True Blue Chicano Rap

Payaso - True Blue Chicano Rap

01. Gangsters (feat. OG Playboy)
02. Killer Cali (feat. Royal T)
03. Listening To My Oldies (feat. Mr. Sancho)
04. My Everything (feat. Royal T)
05. Real Gang Bang Music (feat. Royal T, OG Playboy)
06. Bangin For Me (feat. Pointe Blank, Royal T, Big Capone, Fingazz)
07. Creeping
08. Low Pro & The Dukes Click (feat. Fingazz)
09. Haters Talking Shit (feat. Lil Bandit)
10. Low Profile Gangsters (feat. Lil Bandit, Big Capone, Royal T, Mr. Sancho, OG Playboy)
11. Fuck The Rest (feat. Royal T)
12. D.U.K.E.S
13. Wicked Streets
14. Let's Ride
15. Lowpro Mix

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