[2009, Real Street Entertainment]

Snapper - SnappTime Chicano Rap

Snapper - SnappTime Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Ain't Your Ordinary Rapper (feat. Danger)
03. Varrio Life (feat. Danger)
04. The Real Snapper
05. West Coast Life Style (feat. Danger)
06. West Coast Mobbin (feat. Wacky)
07. Mr. Leva Where You At?
08. Street Life (feat. Danger)
09. Bitches Getting Freaky
10. Fuck Love (feat. Danger)
11. Hypnotize (feat. Zany, Wacky)
12. Southeast Side
13. We Some Doggs (feat. Danger)
14. Joy Stick (feat. Wacky)
15. How You Like Me Now?
16. Ghetto Child (feat. Wally, Danger)
17. The Last Diss

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