Let It Be Known

[2005, Low Profile Records]

Lil Bandit - Let It Be Known Chicano Rap

Lil Bandit - Let It Be Known Chicano Rap

01. Let It Be Known (feat. Royal T)
02. West Side (feat. O.G Playboy, Royal T)
03. Who Do You Love
04. Home Of Riders (feat. Big Capone, Fingazz)
05. I Got That Good Love (feat. Big Capone)
06. Cruzin On The West Side (feat. Bizz, O.G Playboy)
07. Gangsters Need Love
08. My Life
09. Mind Of A Gangster (feat. Kokane, Mr. Sancho)
10. My Girl (feat. Fingazz)
11. We Thuggin'
12. LPG Radio Interview
13. Dedication To My Family
14. Mi Amor
15. Low Pro G's (feat. O.G Playboy, Mr. Sancho)
16. What's My Name (feat. Royal T)
17. Low Profile Records

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