Cruising Oldies The Collection

[2011, SL Entertainment & Teen Angels Records]

Payaso - Cruising Oldies The Collection Chicano Rap

Payaso - Cruising Oldies The Collection Chicano Rap

01. Rolling In My Ride (feat. Mr. Sancho)
02. My Everything
03. Be Thankful
04. Just Because Of You Girl
05. My Lowrider Girl
06. This Is For My Neighborhood (feat. Travieso, Mister 1)
07. The One That's Hurting
08. Teen Angel Oldie
09. Sureno Thing
10. You Don't Remember Me
11. Just Cruise (feat. Lil Wisper, Young Trigger)
12. Nightowls (feat. Mister 1)
13. Just Another Jam (feat. Mister 1)
14. I'm Not Your Puppet (feat. Miss Lavish)
15. Southside OG's (feat. Lil Whisper)

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Tags: SL Entertainment, Southland Records, Payaso, Teen Angels Records

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