The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles

[2018, East Town Records]

Rich G - The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Barrio Ridin' (feat. Chris Gunn, E. Scott)
03. Light It Up (feat. Toker)
04. I Ain't Going Down [REMIX]
05. G'Life (feat. Wicked)
06. Homie 2 Homie (feat. Toker)
07. Fuck Love
08. Hood Life (feat. Lil Danger)
09. Gangster Life In The City (feat. Toker)
10. Dirty Dancin'
11. Gangster Girl (feat. Toker)
12. Keep Your Head Up (feat. Wicked)
13. Rest In Peace (Firme Memories) (feat. Toker)
14. I Ain't Going Down [OG VERSION]

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