Insane Wicked Surenos

[2008, Urban Kings Music Group]

Sweepy G - Insane Wicked Surenos Chicano Rap

01. For You Baby
02. Friday Night (feat. Chio Grande)
03. Watch Out (feat. Ms. Krazie)
04. It Aint Easy (feat. Chino Grande, Kachy)
05. Straight Thugin (feat. Blur)
06. Summer Cali (feat. Dreama, Danger)
07. New Generation
08. Wanna Talk Shit (feat. Chino Grande)
09. Fat Nut Sack (feat. Blur)
10. Bbbbiach
11. Blaze
12. Just To Let You Know (feat. Kacky)
13. Strugling (feat. Chino Grande, Kachy)

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