Making A Killing

[???, M.A.K Records & G.N.P Records]

Brown Shady - Making A Killing Chicano Rap

01. Hellbound (feat. Klumzy)
02. West Coast Mashing (feat. Klumzy)
03. 3 Deep (feat. ODM, Lil Blacky)
04. In These Times (feat. ODM)
05. Ride With Us (feat. Klumzy, Mr. Junebug)
06. Pocos Peros Locos (feat. Klumzy)
07. Taken'Em Out (feat. Klumzy, Ms. G)
08. Kreep On (feat. Klumzy)
09. Brown Pride (feat. Klumzy)
10. Adios A Mi Amor (feat. Pablo X)
11. Summertime (feat. Pablo X)
12. De Ja Vu (feat. Pablo X)

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