Yesterday's Demos

[2013, Double M Music]

Kryptonite - Yesterday's Demos Chicano Rap

Kryptonite - Yesterday's Demos Chicano Rap

01. Yesterday's Demos
02. Double M Music (feat. Young Surgeon, Causa Perdida, Awed)
03. One Man (feat. Skeeh)
04. Out Of Bounds
05. Wanna Flirt (feat. David Ortiz, Mic, O.G Riot)
06. Man Of The Hour
07. Roll Wit It
08. Smile Shara (feat. David Ortiz)
09. Active
10. Hustle (feat. Erykah Yancey)
11. Blow (feat. David Ortiz)
12. Silver Spoon (feat. O.G Riot, Lil G)
13. Take That
14. Nothin But Hip Hop
15. Get It On
16. Out West
17. Kodak
18. Whatever It Takes (feat. Skeeh, Onasis, Swich)
19. All Night Spotlight (feat. Matthew Tryggestad)
20. Dear You (feat. David Ortiz

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