Hard Life

[2006, Hard Life Records]

Mr. Junebug - Hard Life Chicano Rap

Mr. Junebug - Hard Life Chicano Rap

01. We Be Bouncin
02. You Don't Know Me (feat. Skooter)
03. Feria (feat. R&B)
04. Driving Me Krazy (feat. Skooter, D-Luv)
05. Like That (feat. Bonks, Dirty Knuckle)
06. Girl You Blow My Mind (feat. Skooter)
07. Skit
08. Hardlife (feat. Lil Sis, D-Luv)
09. Let Me Try (feat. Rocky Padilla)
10. Hoo-Bang (feat. Clumsy, Brown Shady)
11. West Side (feat. D-Luv)
12. No Paper Stackin (feat. Tone-E, Dirty Knuckle)
13. Nasty Bytches (feat. Bonks)

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